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I am honored to be the subject of a two part interview on Suga' In My Bowl with the outstanding and gifted host Joyce Jones.

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Raul Da Gama’s review of Portraits: Wind, Thunder and Love


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The tumult of Joseph Daley’s albums, The Seven Deadly Sins (Jaro, 2010) and The Seven Heavenly Virtues (JoDaMusic, 2013) has abated, only to make way for another fine recording, this time a series of three profound sketches Portraits: Wind, Thunder and Love. All three albums are musically rich, extravagant productions and serve to give notice that Joseph Daley is an astute composer and an exquisitely detailed arranger. His methodology for composition and performance is the employment of an enormous palette which he wields like a painter set to create a most wondrous musical mural the likes of which will fill a room. Here, his use of instrumentation that includes the use of an ocean of strings, orchestral percussion by the ineffable Warren Smith and two horns in the final selection of this recording provides further evidence of Mr. Daley’s complete mastery of his palette. In fact the portraits that he creates are finely divined and bring to life not only masterly musical colours and textures, but also musical characters that the listener can hear and almost see them as if they were presented in a kind of dancing musical hologram. The visual experience is heightened by a tremendously well-rehearsed string orchestra in which two great musicians Warren Smith and Bill Cole participate. This is by no means intended to suggest that the third portrait—of Mr. Daley’s wife is any less interesting without a singular guest artist. In fact all three portraits are engaging and involving because they are richly orchestrated.


Orchestration is Joseph Daley’s other forte. As an arranger he seems to have a deep and almost uncanny understanding of strings and the relationship that the various strings instruments have with one another. Melding the gradual depth of the family from violin to double bass is something Mr. Daley writes for exceedingly well. Their colours and textures and the timbre of each is singularly pronounced in “Wispercussion.” The manner in which the string section intertwines in both bowed and plucked sequences is magical. And when Warren Smith employs his battery of percussion the effect is melodically, harmonically and rhythmically outstanding. In this miniature, Warren Smith has warmly turned the performance of this selection from Joseph Daley into an attractive and expressive musical excursion. “Shadrack” begins with a wailing nageswaram, an Indian double reed that Bill Cole plays with rapturous beauty. The piercing ululations of the horn are interwoven with the strings that enter after Mr. Cole has had his say with thrilling abandon. A feature of his playing that is too often ignored is its spiritual quality. This was something that inspired Mr. Cole throughout his life as he made music of immense import. The heartfelt nature of “Doretha and the Blues” is almost palpable and Mr. Daley cannot be blamed for being unable to distance himself with the love of his life: his wife Wanda. The languid warmth of the orchestral odyssey is punctuated by pithy statements that serve to give real shape to this extravagant blues. Whatever Joseph Daley comes up with it is going to be hard to top these three albums, but that future music is surely going to be interesting to say the least.

Track List: Wispercussion—Five Portraits of Warren Smith; Shadrack—Portrait of Bill Cole; Doretha and the Blues—Portrait of Wanda Daley

Personnel: Curtis Stewart: violin, concertmaster; Mazz Swift: violin; Jason Hwang: violin; Skye Steele: violin; Charles Burnham: violin; Elektra Kurtis: violin; Jessie Montgomery: violin; Sarah Bernstein: violin; Nick Revel: viola; Janina Norpoth: viola; Trevor New: viola; Nora Krohn: viola; Akua Dixon: cello; Marika Hughes: cello; Amanda Gookin: cello; Rubin Kodheli: cello; Ken Filiano: bass; Ben Brown: bass; Lafayette Harris: piano and keyboards; Warren Smith: percussion, Jerry Gonzalez: trumpet and percussion (6, 7, 8); Onaje Allan Gumbs: keyboards (6, 7, 8); Satoko Takeishi: percussion (6, 7, 8); Richard Huntley: percussion (6, 7, 8); Gregory Williams: French Horn


Raul da Gama is a musician and an accomplished writer whose profound analysis is reinforced by his deep knowledge:

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Portrait of Bill Cole…………………..

Professor Bill Cole is featured on the musical portrait "SHADRACK" playing the double reed Indian Nagaswarm. The string ensemble and Nagaswarm produced a wonderful color palette for this composition:

Joseph Daley - The Seven Virtues String Ensemble

Bill Cole is an American jazz musician, composer, educator and author. An admired innovator in the music world, Cole successfully combines Eastern sounds with an American art form – jazz. Cole specializes in non-Western wind instruments, especially double reed horns – including Chinese sonas, Korean hojok and piri, Indian nagaswarm and shenai and Tibetan trumpet, as well as the Australian didgeridoo and Ghanaian flute.




Joseph Daley - The Seven Virtues String Ensemble


On my new CD is a composition entitled "WISPERCUSSION":

The focus of this major work, percussion master Warren Smith is the featured soloist throughout the suite, and also contributes mightily on the rest of the album. Smith, who recently celebrated his 80th birthday – and maintains a teaching and performing schedule that would be challenging for a person half his age – has built a reputation as one of the most creative, versatile and sensitive percussionists in his 60+ years of activity with a staggering range of artists including Miles Davis, Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, Lena Horne, Van Morrison, Harry Partch, Leonard Bernstein and scores of others. Here, Joseph Daley has composed a stunning homage, featuring Warren’s remarkable musicality on vibraphone, marimba, tympani, gongs and trap drums sequentially on each movement.


Hazmat Modine September Concert Schedule_2014

St. Katharina Open Air 2014 - Hazmat Modine V


Saturday, Sept 6th,

7:00  to 9:30 @


149 Bleecker Street, NYC

212 777-7776


Second Sundays at

Pioneer Works

Hazmat Modine & Martha Redbone

Sunday, Sept 14th, at 6:00

Pioneer Works

159 Pioneer St, Brooklyn, New York 11231


Open Studios, Exhibits, Happenings, Music. 
And Food Trucks in the Garden. 
Every Second Sunday of the month.

Pioneer's Second Sundays is a recurring open-door event at Pioneer Works, a new Art Center housed in a converted factory in Red Hook. The monthly event is intended to showcase the Center's multidisciplinary mix of art, science and performing arts. In addition to Pioneer Works' Open Studios and existing programs and exhibitions, each Sunday presents musicians drawn from a pool of Brooklyn and international talent.

Martha Redbone blends Appalachian elements with soul and funk and her deep Native American roots. She started out her career as a junior Funkadelic, indie soul pioneer and a woman noted for exploring the wilder side of rhythm & blues. Her latest project re-invents the poetry of William Blake with an all Americana backdrop and vintage Nashville production values.





JARO Medien



July 23 - August 2

Austria, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom


Jan Henn HM photo_Fabrik_2014

photo credit: Jan Henn

Wednesday, July 23

Am Katharinenkloster 6
90403 Nürnberg

Thursday, July 24…8PM

Seestrasse 7
3293 Lunz am See

Friday, July 25…8 PM

Festung Ehrenbreitstein
56072 Koblenz

Saturday, July 26…….3 PM

Charlton Park
Wiltshire SN16 9DG

Sunday, July 27…8 PM

Obertal 19
39017 Schenna

Tuesday, July 29…8 PM


Wednesday, July 30…8 PM

Seebener Straße 5
06114 Halle

Thursday, July 31…8 PM

Vor dem Steintor 65

Friday, August 1…2 PM















Bill Cole's Untempered Ensemble in Concert: Monday July 7th

The Arts for Art Evolving music Series presents:



The Ras Moshe Residency

Monday July 7th, 2014

107 Suffolk Street
New York, NY 10002

7:30PM - 8:30PM - Bill Cole's Untempered Ensemble

Bill Cole - sonapiri, hojok, didgeridoo, flutes
Warren Smith - percussion
Joe Daley - tuba, euphonium
Ras Moshe - tenor & soprano Saxes
Lisette Santiago - bata drums, theremin
Gerald Veasley - bass

8:45PM - 9:45PM - Joe Rigby/Andrew Bemkey duo

Joe Rigby - reeds
Andrew Bemkey - piano

10:00PM - 11:00PM - Ascension For Roy Campbell & Henry Warner

Will Connell - alto sax, flute, bass clarinet
Andrew Lamb - tenor
Daniel Carter - reeds
Ras Moshe - reeds
Charles Downs – drums




Hazmat Modine: Boston Concert on July 9, 2014

Hazmat Modine will be making their first concert appearance in Boston on July 9, 2014 from 7:30-9:30 PM at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

That evening will feature Hazmat Modine Deluxe with: Wade Schuman, Joseph Daley, Erik Della Penna, Pam Fleming, Steve Elson, Graham Hawthorne, Michael Gomez, and Rachelle Garniez.


Hazmat Modine Water Color_1



HAZMAT MODINE We are on the road again!




May 23rd - June 22nd

Jaro Medien


May 24th Lech Theater Landsberg - Germany

May 25th - Treibhous Angerzellgasse 8 Innsburck - Austria

May 27th - Sellax 14 Bregenz - Austria

May 28th - Reithalle Offenburg - Germany

May 29th - Jazz Sous Les Pommiers Festival Coutances - France

May 30th - Rencontre Internationale de la Clarinette Populaire Glomel - France

May 31st - Artbreit Festival MarktBreit - Germany

June 1st - Burg Open Air Freudenburg - Germany

June 3rd - Moods Zürich - SWITZERLAND

June 4th - Tollhaus Karlsruhe - Germany

June 5th - Domicil Dortmund - Germany

June 6th - Fabrik Hamburg - Germany

June 7th - Sommerbühne im Schloß Wolfsburg - Germany

June 8th - Inntöne Festival Diersbach - Austria

June 10th - Centralstation Darmstadt - Germany

June 11th - 16th in Recording Studio for new studio album in Germany!

June 17th - KFZ Marburg - Germany

June 18th - Blue Note im Cinema Art House Osnabrück - Germany

June 19th - Kantine Köln- Germany

June 20th - United Islands Festival Prague - Czech Republic

June 22nd - Festival of Northern Europe Harstadt – Norway


The Earfull Episode 12 – Joseph Daley

      In this episode composer, trombonist, tuba and euphonium player Joseph Daley reflects on his origins in the island of Montserrat, on his experiences as both a classical and jazz musician, and on the composition process.

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My dear colleague, Althea Sully Cole is a talented Multi-Instrumentalist, Archivist and Podcaster, please take a moment to review this and the other wonderful podcasts that she has posted. There is a tremendous amount of detail and historical information contained in her work.



Raul da Gama’s review of "The Seven Heavenly Virtues"

This review is done by Raul da Gama who is a musician and an accomplished writer whose profound analysis is reinforced by his deep knowledge: