REISSUE: The Seven Heavenly Virtues / The Seven Deadly Sins

Joseph Daley - 7+7 Cvr PromoArt RGB.jpg

Joseph is pleased to reintroduce the albums The Seven Heavenly Virtues (reissue) and The Seven Deadly Sins (remastered 2019) as a single disc compilation, just in time to be part of the celebration of his 70th birthday!

Part recollection of his musical history, and part celebration and memory of his late wife Wanda Daley, and dedication to her, he hopes you’ll enjoy these compositions – either again, or for the first time.


A highly compelling, rhythmic, exciting, meticulously crafted compositions for string orchestra and percussion. The depth of thought of each virtue is matched by the density of tone and texture, and the richness of colour and shade created by sets of harmonising strings from soaring violins and fibrillating violas to gasping cellos and rumbling basses.


A seven part suite for an extended jazz orchestra of 24 pieces. The music is warm with well-conceived autumnal colors. The harmonies for the reeds and brass are rich and often breathtaking.

Beth Beauchamp