Joseph Daley has been a friend, mentor and brass hero of mine since we first worked together twenty years ago. Long known as one of the pioneering virtuosos of improvising tuba players, Joseph has more recently garnered attention for his beautiful large ensemble compositions, drawing on his long experiences with masters like Gil Evans, Muhal Richard Abrams, and Carla Bley. With complex rhythmic interplay and counterpoint, and lush post-Ellington harmonies, Joseph’s work simultaneously celebrates the tradition and looks forward to new ideas. It was a pleasure and an honor to have Joseph as a guest composer with my student ensemble at Dartmouth College - his music provided an exquisite challenge for my young musicians, and his guidance brought them to another level as artists - several of my students had palpable breakthroughs as improvisers playing his music and inspired by his ideas, it was a delight to witness.

— Taylor Ho Bynum
Director of the jazz and creative music ensemble
at Dartmouth College