The "Trayvon Martin Suite"

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On February 27, 2012 while returning from an evening passage to the store Trayvon Martin was illegally targeted and followed. He was doing nothing wrong. The unjustified pursuit of this young man led to a nightmarish scene where the unarmed seventeen year old was shot and killed despite the fact that he had the legal right to stand his ground. This single act ended his life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Surely; this must be viewed as a crime against humanity. Similar crimes were committed against Amadau Diallo, Renisha McBride, Jordan Davis, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Ousmane Zongo, Timothy Stansbury, Akai Gurley and countless other African American men, woman and children, and yet justice has yet to be delivered to their memories, loved ones and communities.

The "Trayvon Martin Suite" is Bill Cole's latest release with long-time collaborator Joseph Daley, pays homage to this victim, and all victims, of brutal racialized violence. This duo album was recorded at the University of Virginia on March 29, 2012 and released on Jodamusic Records in April of 2015.

These two pros return to the days of civil rights jazz in their tribute to Trayvon Martin and they know how to convey the anger and confusion the times bestow. Like prime period civil rights jazz, this isn’t easy to listen to but it shows that listening in general is what’s needed for any one that wants to seek a newer world.
Each piece does a great job of capturing the spirit/vibe of what transpired that night and the mixed feelings we are all still dealing with due to too many other similar, continuing tragedies. This is an important, strong and immensely timely work that should be heard by many folks everywhere.
Downtown Music Gallery
Good music serves one of two purposes: personal gratification or social awareness. Great music invites the listener into the secrets of the soul and raises and changes the level of socio-political consciousness forever. The music of the master reeds player Bill Cole and that of the prince of the low-toned woodwinds and more Joseph Daley has done all of the above with unexpurgated force, consistent clarity and true genius. But every now and again the two musicians produce a recording that makes you want to go out in the streets and hand copies of the recording to complete strangers. Such is the power of Trayvon Martin Suite; a recording not only informed by sublime playing but also one that is superbly recorded
Beth Beauchamp