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In 1949, in Harlem (USA) born jazz musician Joseph Daley has long been a specialist in the low notes. In the bands of Gil Evans or Carla Bley or in the New York band Hazmat Modine, he plays baritone horn, euphonium, trombone and tuba. Everything below far.

With "The Seven Deadly Sins" and his composition for the Earth Tones fulfilled a dream ensemble, Daley: A merge with bass clarinet, bass saxophone, bass trombone, and up to five tubes occupied big band into a unit.

The result is a vibrant and voiced full panorama of the sin of envy, greed, gluttony, pride, lust, anger, sloth of the heart - a fitting truck for every mood.

Daley's supporters are exploring the possibilities of their music with audible pleasure.The Earth Tone Ensemble staged the genre Big Band with panoramic views from its beginnings as a street band to the ecstasies of free jazz. A Sundenpfuhl, who does not sound so vicious.
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TRACKS Joseph Daley Earth Tones Ensemble - "The Seven Deadly Sins:
1.1.Invidia (Envy)
2.Avarita (Avarice)
3.Gula (Gluttony)
4.Superbia (Pride)
5.Lechery (Lust)
6.Ira (Anger)
7.Desida (Sloth)
8.Ballade fall of the African warrior

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Who is Joseph Daley? Many jazz fans should have one or the other plate, shall, on the Joe Daley for the bass-base. The 1949 in Harlem, born and studied at the Manhattan School of Music-trained musician from the Gil Evans Orchestra Carla Bley Band played on up to Charlie Haden's Liberation Orchestra since the early seventies in the style-large formations.

One of his first stops was the brass section in Taj Mahal's band, where he was responsible to Howard Johnson, Bob Stewart, Earl McIntyre for the weighty bass groove, and from which, ultimately, Howard Johnson's Gravity Woofer chapel was built.The Joe Daley has obviously listened well. A large number of other first jazz addresses could be to add.

Currently Daley tuba blows at one of the most interesting New York bands, with Hazmat Modine, a band that is stylistically difficult to assign because they whisked Blues, Klezmer, Balkan beats, jazz and rock violently (Video: Hazmat Modine - Yesterday Morning).

The head of Hazmat Modine, the singer, guitarist and harmonica player Wade Schuman (see video), in turn, is partly responsible for Joseph Daley's piece The Seven Deadly Sins.

Hazmat Modine discography - at Amazon.de

Wade Schuman is not only musicians but above all, an artist and he painted a series on the seven deadly sins, the Daley has now been translated into sounds (for more information about the artist see forward). Source: Amazon.de

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