Cicada CD Release event Le Poisson Rogue 5-21-2011

After 6 years of touring, visiting more than twenty countries around the world, Hazmat modine comes back with a new album which reflects their musical evolution. Their new CD, Cidada, is a cosmopolitan view of American Roots and soul music which incorporates sounds from Tuva, Romania and Benin among others, but remains rooted in a specifically American idiom - an idiom that owes as much to the immigrant experience as it does to early blues.

Adding to the extraordinary musicianship of Hazmat's nine musicians on the CD are memorable participations by Natalie Merchant, The Kronos Quartet, Catherine Russell and the amazing Gangbe Brass Band from Benin. Live, the band is driven by a pair of dueling harmonicas, backed by tuba, drums, two guitars and a horn section made up of trumpet, reeds and trombone.

In celebration of the CD release the nine piece band will be joined by opening special guest Rachelle Garniez, as well as Erik Della Penna and Skye Steele.

Hazmat Modine

Pete Smith: Guitar
Joseph Daley: Tuba
Rich Huntley: Drums
Bill Barrett: Harmonica
Pam Fleming: Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Reut Regev: Trombone & Flugelbone
Michael Gomez: Guitar and Steel Guitar
Steve Elson: Baritone Sax, Clarinet, & Duduk
Wade Schuman: Diatonic Harmonica, Lute Guitar, Vocals

Beth Beauchamp