Alfred Patterson referenced "The Seven Deadly Sins"

A Wonderful clip of trombonist Alfred Patterson who will also appear with Craig Harris in Gods Trombones.

Alfred Patterson:Turned-On Trombone

Musicians of the 2010 Jazz Poetry Concert blog post

      Two short pieces about finding the wonder in everyday Sampsonia Way online. 

Alfred Patterson

"Sound is visceral thing, it makes you purr."  In this 1-minute video interview, Alfred Patterson talks about improvisation and the sounds of poetry and jazz.

Colleen McElroy describes a lifetime collecting words and sounds-- as a child hidden under the table eavesdropping on adults, as a dancer responding to music, as a speech pathologist working with impaired patients, and as a folklorist recording storytellers from all over the world.

Link to"Make the Ordinary Extraordinary"      

Beth Beauchamp