TUBA TRIO | Vittorio Lo Conte, December 2015, Music Zoom

“A tribute to a musician or composer may not necessarily he recalled so slavish style: is the assumed starting point for this tribute to Sam rivers by Joseph Daley, already in his Tuba Trio.

Since then, Daley has been part of various formations together with Gil Evans, Carla Bley, Charlie Haden, Taj Mahal recently signed engravings for big band.

However the militancy with Sam Rivers and years pasati playing in famous loft Studio Ribvea have left an important trace that it was important to return.

To winds, tenor sax, bass sax, bass flute, theremin and other there is the instrumentalist Scott Robinson. On drums and percussion, marimba and bibrafono there is Warren Smith, he switched from militancy in the tuba trio of Rivers so that add authenticity to this work.

The trio never dwells on the composition of Sam Rivers, if not on Beatrice became de facto standard, in a special sounding version that besides the leading tuba playing the vibraphone of Smith and bass flute and tenor sax of Robinson.

Rivers is what we can call the essence of his message, imagination, exploration, the strength ability to evoke new situations and new sights beyond jazz to come.

The instrumentation is also different, Smith uses different types of percussion instruments from one track to another, Robinson is a constant surprise when passing from one breath to another, also a contrabass sarrusophone (tool that sometimes replaces the contrabassoon in classical music scores) on Emergence, here the music develops in such a way so that you do not mind the instrumentation.

The music is what counts here and there is not much! The Central track of the album is Terrarium, more than twenty minutes of emotionality, lyricism, is a soundtrack of the mental state of the musicians.

Abstract occurs at the boundaries between composition and improvisation, hard to classify, yet so captivating to the listening. Inside the cover of the album, on long sttanta minutes, there is the image of a painting by Jeff Schlanger, an artist who has already decorated with his paintings grace the covers of many artists free.

The disc is a glorious homage to an era, that of cutting edge jazz played in New York loft, and musician who was the inspiration and the main driver, Sam Rivers. The disc still shines by its own light, is a tribute nevertheless discovers new possibilities of sounds in the contemporary jazz scene.”

Tuba TrioBeth Beauchamp